STEM Discovery Week 2018 (3rd year)

stem map

STEM Discovery Week 2018 took place on 23-29 April for the third time. This year, Scientix coordinated the campaign in collaboration with the SYSTEMIC project, which is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, and the STEM Alliance, which is a private funded initiative, and counted on the additional support of our campaign partners, which brought originally together projects like PERFORM and STIMEY, in addition to 16 other projects in STEM education, with 38 organisations and 37 schools as official partners.

This year’s STEM Discovery Week has been the biggest so far, with:

–          Over 800 activities organized,
–          In 40 countries across Europe and the world,
–          170 blog posts already published on the STEM Discovery Week blog, here,
–          More than 120,000 teachers, pupils and other people participating in activities.

The STEM Discovery Week has been an outstanding campaign in the field of STEM education. Thank you again for your participation! [May 2018]

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