Py4hs Program

The introductory program in Python was successfully completed   in collaboration with the program <py4hs> supported by Google GS4HS and organized by the University of Crete. See more at Teachers: Pola (Stavroula) Misthou-ICT teacher, Vasso Servou-ICT teacher and John Argyriou-upon ICT degree student, all members of the WG17 team of PY4HS.   30 Python Coding … Continue reading Py4hs Program

Our visit to National Hellenic Research Foundation

When we all registered ourselves for a visit at the National Hellenic Research Foundation we knew it would be an extraordinary experience-we could easily imagine it. Since then, many weeks passed and the moment arrived that GreekCodersK12 crossed the threshold of NHRF, students so different in their education level but always a tightly knit team. The … Continue reading Our visit to National Hellenic Research Foundation

Conversation & interaction

Our second lesson started with the 1st greeting in programming languages: print(“Hello World!”)  And then computer wanted to talk to student, but didn't know the name of the student. So, giving the suitable command student informed  that the name is name = "Athina" Then student wrote a new command    print("Γειά σου", name) and computer displayed the  message … Continue reading Conversation & interaction