2018 Water World Day Awareness Event with GreekCodersK12


Our participation in events map in World Water Day Celebration   http://worldwaterday.org/wtd-events/2018-water-world-day-awareness-event-greekcodersk12/

23/3/2018 An informative event for middle school students.
The robotics team of our coding club, GreekCodersK12 will present the prototype of the innovative IoT device, named “NeroAlert“. NeroAlert is a controlling water use system, which can help consumers to be informed about home leakage. GreekCodersK12 created NeroAlert for the First Lego League 2018 competition “Hydrodynamics”.

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ESA Observing the Earth: Safeguarding our most precious resource: WATER https://www.esa.int/spaceinvideos/content/view/embedjw/499356