Just Before Python Lessons

It was when I was fourteen years old that I was given the chance to delve deeper into something I had liked since I was nine years old; one student proposed and we all agreed. We all agreed that we wanted to know more about computers, their uses and how we could use them.

No matter the age; when GreekCodersK12 had their very first meeting, students from all three grades of Junior High met, determined to learn more than what we were taught in classrooms.

No matter what we already knew; all of us learned much more during last year; we met exciting, new technologies; together, we visited places that, otherwise, we wouldn’t even think of stepping foot in.

But what was the most important thing we did last year? It was in the middle of the year when our teacher proposed for us to occupy ourselves with Scratch. And that, in my opinion, was the most important thing because we learned how to deal with problems in a much more fascinating way than what we did in classrooms.

What I learned was that when one decides to start writing lines of code they need to set a goal. And they need to stick to it. That way, when they finally start to build a program equal to their expectations it is only natural they will face many obstacles.

That’s why what we did is so important. When we were assigned certain tasks to complete so that we could move to enhancing our presentation skills we faced certain problems. What commands did we need to use? How could we put them in such a way that the result will be a fully-functioning program? We were taught exactly that in Scratch’s educational environment under the guidance of our teacher, Mrs. Misthou.

Now, we are ready. We discussed it last year, Mrs. Misthou dedicated a large portion of her time so we could all be prepared to learn a language. Yeah, Scratch might be a language but not one that could be used in building games or developing other software for commercial use. Python is.

You may ask, why didn’t we just wait to get into university? Surely, if we decided to get into courses that dealt with ICT then programming languages would be the most basic stuff we would be taught.

I can answer that easily. We, GreekCodersK12, formed this team to learn more. This clearly states that we truly wish to learn more; how could we let such a chance pass us? How could we just sit back when we will be able to create fully-functioning, basic apps by the time we finish school? Why wait when we can reach out and find ourselves surrounded by the beautiful world of coding?

Written By: Athena, core member of GreekCodersK12