What is a coding club?

“Coding Club is an inclusive after school program  which can be an umbrella for innovative activities like programming, educational robotics, STEM, STEAM and ESTEAM ( Entrepreneurship-Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Maths). 

According to my experience when we allow students to pick a topic they are passionate about, they mobilize others to act on that passion and form a culture of co-creation= this is a learning community who “learns how to learn”, prevents early school leaving, transforms users and consumers to doers and gives an opportunity for bridging gender digital gap.”

Through this blog we want to show our work, to share our experience and make new collaborations. Our motto is ” Enjoy coding !! ”

Written by Pola Misthou, ICT Teacher, Coding Club founder-GreekCodersK12  team, @ROBOESL Conference Athens 26/11/2016